Microbiologists We Admire

Note: “Microbiologists We Admire” was a special initiative of the Bacteriology Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee during the 2022-2023 academic year. Future calls for submissions will be announced via this website and the Department’s social media accounts.

What is it / purpose: “Microbiologists We Admire” is a community-submitted series of highlight slides that will be displayed on the Microbial Sciences Building announcement monitors and Twitter. Each slide will feature a microbiologist, past or present, from anywhere around the world and in any profession related to microbiology that the nominator admires. The purpose is to raise awareness about under-sung microbiologists and to increase representation and the sense of an inclusive community within the Microbial Sciences Building. However, there is no strict definition of under-sung; the main purpose is to highlight any microbiologist that inspires you.  

Who can participate: Anyone who works or studies in the Microbial Sciences Building at UW-Madison. People may participate as individuals, self-formed groups, or organized groups like labs, courses, student organizations, etc.  

How to participate: Nominate a microbiologist you (or your group) admire(s) by filling out the single slide template (see instructions below) and emailing it to us at diversity@bact.wisc.edu.