Indigenous Heritage Month

NPR CodeSwitch: Love and Blood Quantum 
22 minute listen
Description : If you’re Native American, there’s a good chance that you’ve thought a lot about blood quantum — a highly controversial measurement of the amount of “Indian blood” you have. It can affect your identity, your relationships and whether or not you — or your children — may become a citizen of your tribe.  Today on the show, we’re revisiting one of our favorite stories from 2018, when reporter Kat Chow spoke to two families grappling with where to live, how to identify, and how those identities might get passed down to their children.
The Ohio State University Inspire Podcast: Grappling with the Land Grant Truth
31 minute listen
Description: Ohio State Professor Stephen Gavazzi learned a painful truth about Land Grant Universities — just after his book on the subject went to press. Now he’s working with a team of Ohio State researchers to find a path to healing harm done to indigenous tribes when they lost lands to fund the university through the Morrill Act of 1862.
Additional Resource: High Country News: Land Grant University Project Interactive Map.
Additional Rescource Description: interactive map that provides information on the structural functioning of the Morill Land Grant act of 1862.
Human Powered (A local podcast about  celebrating the Wisconsin community): The Power of Indigenous Knowledge 
29 Minute Listen
Description: This episode starts with a meal around a fire, in a place where people have been cooking and eating for more than 5,000 years. Our hosts are Marvin Defoe and Edwina Buffalo-Reyes, members of the Red Cliff band of Lake Superior Ojibwe in Bayfield County. For the last three years, the Red Cliff Tribal Historic Preservation Office has been collaborating with two archaeologists helping excavate sites on tribal lands. Listen to hear what they are doing to reclaim and revitalize the deep history and culture of their people—and to help train a new generation of scholars committed to centering indigenous knowledge.
Information provided by Kris Jose Aguayo Barragan.